Igniting a culture

Our mission at mercer studio is to ignite a culture within our salon that will emanate throughout our community. We strive to maintain lasting relationships with each client, giving them unparalleled service and incredible hair. We shall not only make our impression on our clients, but on our community and our neighbors as well. We are committed to helping trigger a new type of cultural explosion in our little part of the world. We will create beauty, we will perfect service, we will give back and we will nurture.


Having been committed to the salon and beauty industry for over 20 years and after traveling, teaching and learning on both coasts and at numerous spots inbetween, Dewayne Mercer has decided to come home to Baton Rouge and share his idea of an upscale salon. This studio is the destination for those searching for healthy, richly-hued hair; for perfectly technical and creative haircuts and the luxury products that youʼve read about but couldnʼt find.

The concept behind this studio is to create a retreat where clients can come to escape their everyday world in a relaxing, unpretentious setting. Itʼs a space where their needs are anticipated, where the decor leaves them breathless and their hair is extraordinary. The design is industrial chic incorporating draped fabrics and reclaimed wood to create a soft and modern feel. The staff, an incredible group of respected stylists and colorists, were each selected for their education backgrounds and their strong commitment to intense customer service, creativity, and advanced technical skills. This talented group of people combined with the exclusive Oribe and SachaJuan product lines and the studioʼs concierge-style management ensure that mercer studio will meet every expectation that you may have for a luxury hair salon, and all of this within a cool, laid- back environment.


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