Troy Mercer

Hairstylist. Man of the cloth. Hairstylist. The past 20 years have seen Troyʼs career path begin in beauty, take a turn towards salvation and then a u-turn back to where it all began. Troy decided at the age of 16 to become a hairstylist for the sole purpose of meeting beautiful women. After graduating from Lockworks Academie he landed a job at Lockworks salon and met the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, he would woo her by drawing hearts on the foils that he passed her until she eventually agreed to marry him. It was shortly after starting their family when Troy realized that his lifeʼs mission led in another direction, a direction that he couldnʼt ignore, the young family moved to Dallas so that he could begin studies at the seminary.

Fast forward. After taking an 18 year break from the salon world to pursue a higher calling, Troy jumped back in full throttle. He decided to specialize in haircutting and his one year “refresher” course at mercer studio was spearheaded by Jackie Valdetero, the same Jackie who trained both Troy and his brother, Dewayne, 20 years prior. Once haircutting was perfected he moved on to Platinum Seamless hair extensions and private styling classes with SachaJuan and Oribe in NYC and Baton Rouge. It is educational opportunities like these and the inspiration he receives from his friends in the music and hair worlds that continue to push Troyʼs technical skills and creativity.

Watching Troyʼs evolution over the past few years from a Baptist preacher who once did hair into this technical master of short hair who just happens to be a preacher, continues to astound us in the salon. He loves the atmosphere that his big brother has created and is proud to be a part of mercer studio, plus he still gets to work every day with the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, his wife Maria is also a stylist with us. We have always said that mercer studio was a family, now you know why, we really are.

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